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Sunday, October 17, 2004

9 Reasons For Why I'm Voting For George W.

These are the reasons that I'm voting for George W. Bush.
1. He doesn't see terrorism as a reactionary problem. You go after it before it can come to you.
2. He believes in cutting taxes for everyone. He has a track record of cutting taxes for the middle class but also for businesses and upper class. The upper class are the ones that are going to buy and invest in large amounts. This is what's going to cause growth in the economy.
3. He favor's less government control of health care. There are countries all over the world that have universal health care. It's free health care but people are getting forced to wait in lines and don't get treated. People come over from canada into the northern states to use our heath care system. I read a story this week about a canadian man who got stabbed and couldn't get treated because he had to wait in line.
4. He believes in schools of choice. If one school isn't getting the job done then we need to get kids and the money out of that school and into another school that is gettng the job done and can meet their needs. This will cause schools to want to get better.
5. He is opposed to abortion and believes human life starts at conception.
6. We share the same religous beliefs and values.
7. He seems like a guy I can relate too...sit out on the back porch and have a beer with.
8. Supports a faith-based initiative, which would allow non-profit organizations to take government money to do work where government has done the work in the past.
9. The courts are there to interpret the law and the constitution and not to make laws.


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