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Saturday, October 30, 2004

driving & rochester day 1

So yah today I drove and drove an drove. Initially I had my doubts on whether or not I was going to make it because it was raining so freaking much. When it was raining that much I really couldn't see at all. But after a while it seemed like it cleared up alot.

I got to "the house". It's a very cool house. They each have their own stuff setup that makes the place their own. It's very cool. We ended up picking up Glenn and Dave and going to Dinasour BBQ which was sooo much fun.

I went to the haloween party at the 94 colony. I saw a lot of the guys but there were wayy to many people there to have a good time. i felt i was going to end up getting puked or spilled on. I will try and see the guys tomorrow.

probably go to bed soon.


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