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Sunday, October 24, 2004

justin's hardcore moment

One of my best friend's Ally is a vocalist in a hardcore Christian rock band, Blood Lined Calligraphy. She for a while has been wanting me to come to one of her shows. Im not really into the whole hard core scene. I'm more a dave matthews, beatles, disptach kind of guy. But i went with an open mind. I have been to some pretty tough concerts. I lasted 3rd row of a Blindside concert.

So I went and I actually saw a whole bunch of people that I know. That was kind of nuts. After listening to like 4 bands and watching Alisha (Ally) buzzing around with all over her band groupies, her band actually got on stage. I was impressed. She masterfully controlled the stage. Where all the other bands just kind of played and the crowd didn't really get into it, the crowd really got into with her up there.

About the third song she said that this one is for justin...i was like awwwwwww. It meant alot. I will definitely come to another one of her shows despite the fact I really don't like hardcore music. She was awesome.


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