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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

amazing race, low cut clothing, and glaciers

The show the Amazing Race had its season premiere tonite. I so want to be on the show. It just sucks that you have to be 21 to audition. I am sure that my dad and I do would do so so well on the show.

They went to iceland today. It was funny all the chicks were like, lets wear tank tops that show off as much of fake/large breasts as possible. It's sad that the show is starting to go with the growing trend that they only accept the fake pretty people. In the episode they drove all around iceland, camped on an glacier, climbed on the side of a ice mountain.

7 more months and counting till my Amazing Race audition. My first act of being 21 will probably be buying alcohol and the second will be sending in my Amazing Race audition tape.


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