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Saturday, November 20, 2004

apple rules - my airport express

It's been a pretty good weekend. Friday Diana from CAO, my old MSU department, gave me and trevor, my co-worker, tickets to the basketball game. She has these really great season tickets. The seats were maybe 17 rows from the very lowerbowl. MSU won. They slaughtered Florida A&M. It was like 104-75. After the game I was on my way to visions and some guy rear ended me. It didn't do any damage to the car just scared the crap out of me.

Today I slept in till about 10. That felt good. Getting up early everyday for work at 8am can get to you after a while. I hung out for a while. My dad and I went to CompUSA and got a laser printer. We had been living with p.o.s. ink jet printer. We also got the Apple Airport Express so that we can print wirelessly from any part of the house.

I also woke up with a neck acke from getting hit last nite. I need to rub some my dad's magnets on my neck. My dad is into magnet therapy.

Now Im relaxing and watching the movie Bourne Identity with my parents.


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