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Monday, November 08, 2004

blended rat...mmm

I'm sitting here watching Fear Factor. It's the 10th anniversary episode which means everything that they are doing is soo much worse then anything then they have done before. The second stunt is taking some rat and broth and putting it in a blender. I don't know why someone would put themself through that for any amount of money. I wonder how sick they get from that. What kind of disease would be on a New York rat?

Today was a pretty normal day. My co-workers are still sore about Kerry losing in the election. They are finding anyway possible that they justify it or find a way to blame the problems of the world on President Bush.

I have been learning alot about CSS layout at work. It is something that really interests me. I have slowly been advocating for it more and more. I think I have been winning people over.


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