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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

chocolate malts

Today was a pretty good day. We finished the new Applications Programming web site today. We did it with CSS-layout so it's even cooler. Today was the boss's b-day so we went to Emil's for Lunch. It was good. We didn't get enough of a portion for the amount of money that we paid. It was cool to celebratioin Andy's b-day. I held back on talking politics b/c i know andy doesn't like the big office debates.

I found out they want to highlight my web usability and accessibility blog on the MSU Web Accessibility page. It's awesome. That would give me a real platform to talk about the things I come across. Tomorrow i have the Cstore meeting. I am pitching the prototype that I have been working on. It should be interesting. Might grab a red bull on the way to work.

Tonite was dinner tuesday's. The crowd met at Fleetwood Diner. There was only 5 of us there, but it was good to see everyone that was there. Everyone was getting malts and shakes. I just drank my diet coke.


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