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Friday, November 19, 2004

i need a tivo

Today was a good day. It was another day of development, writing, and reading. This computer store project is getting a little nuts. There are soo many different ways to present an e-commerce site. The situation of the MSU computer store is so strange and they sell things different from the norm that we are really putting a lot of thought into it.

I went to intersect tonite. Instead of the normal programming we all just kind of hung out and chatted. It was fun. After a long and stressfull week just being able to hang out with Christian friends is always a quality and relaxing time. There is this one girl there that's pretty cute too which was fun ;).

While I was gone I missed the show the Apprentice. I had my parents taping it. I need to get into the 21st century and get a Tivo. The Apprentice was good. I wish that I could be on the show. I think that I would do so well. Some of these people just act so dumb. Some of the contestants don't get that this is really a job interview and not just a reality show competition.

I'd never want to work for donald trump but going on the show would be a great experience.

I need sleep. I have a busy day tomorrow.


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