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Monday, November 01, 2004

rochester day 2 & 3, the drive home

day 2
Saturday everyone was sleeping in. Knowing that they sleep in till about 2pm or 3pm I decided to go exploring. I went to like Wegmans, Best Buy, and Borders Bookstore. I then found Bob. We went to lunch and hung out for a while. We walked around the new fieldhouse and then through campus. It was very cool.

I hung out with the E4 crowd for the rest of the day. Lindsay decided to make shishkabobs. We went to Wegmans. We bought all kinds of different things. It was really fun. Holy cow they turned out great. I thought they tasted fantastic. I need to get the recipe from Lindsay.

Emily went out to a party and didn't get back till late. When she did we played canasta. It was a blast. The memories of canasta will probably stay with me for the rest of my life. Dave, Lindsay, & Emily you guys rock.

day 3
Sunday I woke up early when no one was awake and went to Church. I had said good bye to them before the nite before. Those guys are awesome I think I really grew close to all of them this weekend. But I was soooo excited to go to New Song. I got there a little bit late because I had never been to MCC before. When I got there Pastor Don was standing off to the side during praise and worship. He spotted me and gave me a hug and welcomed me. I feel like that just underscores the attitude of New song. They take you into their arms like your a member of the family. I love those guys.

drive home
The drive home went by really fast. I was suprised. I think I made the entire trip in 7hrs. I listened to a lot of music. It gave me a lot of time to think about things.


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