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Saturday, December 18, 2004

caffiene and the movies

I need to remember that when I go to a late movie I need to get some caffiene. I went to go see Oceans 12 last nite for a 10:45 show with Andy & Aaron. I dozed off a few times, lol. I wasn't impressed with the movie. Then we went out to Steak and Shake. We compared notes on whats been going on for the last few months.

The OSL Children's christmas program was last nite. It was fun. All of the little kids were really cute. Jenna and I were supposed to go to visions but she got stuck babysitting her sister. That was kind of a bummer we might go get coffee this week.

My sister should be home tonite. Im looking forward to seeing her. We are celebrating Christmas tonite because she has to work next weekend.


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