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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

dvd late fees

Recently the Hollywood Video that we have in our town has switched from being .99 cents for 5 nites to 1.99 for one night. When it was 99 cents for 5 nites I was renting movies all the time. I would usually get 2 or 3 at a time. Now I don't get movies as often. Plus it is so so inconvient to have to take it back the night after.

On Sunday I rented the movie Collateral. I am a huge Michael Mann fan. He is a great director. Plus Jamie Foxx has just been really phenomenal with the last few movies that he has been coming out with. I took it back tonite. I am going to have 2 days in late fees ($2). I didn't even have time to watch the special features, which is sometimes better then the actually dvd.

I need to check out Neflix. It says on the web site that they do a free trial. I think it would be worth checking out. Ill check it out and then report back to my blog on whether I like it or not.


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