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Friday, December 10, 2004 - i want to try it

Ever since the iPod came out I have been fascinated with it. I think Apple really nailed it. They do a great job with getting the emotional design right on it. Well you all know that i am an apple nut. I love my lil 12 inch powerbook. The thing is I can't afford an iPod and I don't need it. Its purely a "want." I use iTunes all the time. A couple weeks ago i picked up the new U2 CD on it. The cd rocks.

Well there is this site They give you a free ipod if you try out these various free services and get your friends to try out the free services. A LOT of people have tried it and been very successful. Even one of my professors from RIT did it. He just got his iPod today.

I'm on the fence. You have to give your credit card number; which i'm SUPER cautious about doing but getting a free iPod would be so so sweet. Pluse I would use it all the time.

I found a site filled with info and testimonials about the freeIpod phenomenom.

Hmm..(sipping my beaners coffee) :)


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