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Monday, December 20, 2004

great weekend; monday...sigh

This weekend was pretty fun. My sister came home so that we could celebrate Christmas. She has to work next weekend for Christmas & Christmas eve. On sunday we had the big Christmas dinner and then opened presents. My dad wants a hummer soo bad. One of the presents that we got him was a lil toy model hummer as a joke. He loved it.

I had been saying that they I wanted an iPod of Christmas knowing fully that they were too expensive and would probably never get one. Well my parents bought one for me but it was an iPod + HP which doesn't work on Mac OS X. So instead of a 20GB 4G iPod i have an iPod Mini, one of the only iPod's in town i could find. I love the iPod mini. Its soo small. I'll do an iPod post soon.

Today was a nice day at work. it seemed to go by fast. Today we had the office Christmas Party which was much more boring then I thought it was going to be. I kind of want to take the day off on Thursday. I have been working really hard. I need some quality r&r time.

I am going to have coffee with a female friend on Friday which will be fun. We don't know eacother really well and I think that whole getting to know eachother period of a relationship is really fun. Hopefully she is looking forward to getting coffee.


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