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Friday, December 31, 2004

me and tinkerbell

Today I just kind of hung out all day. I didn't have work today which was magnificant.

Yesterday i was succesfully able to move up the food chain the idea of getting some relief and support information for the tsunami/earthquake victims put on the MSU home page. That made me feel really good. Like maybe that will help raise some money if people see that on the MSU home page. Plus it made me feel good that the people around their really trust me.

I made a donation to American Red Cross on today. I know the American Red Cross has been around forever and they will make good use of it for helping the tsunami victims.

I went to go see the movie Finding Neverland with my p-rents today. I had heard lots of really good things about it. It had gotten nominated for lots of awards. Its about the guy who wrote Peter Pan. The playwrite is johnny depp. Im not a huge fan of his but he does an excellent job. The movie was PG which is different from alot of the movies I have seen lately.


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