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Thursday, December 23, 2004

my gum doctor

This morning I awoke to a very bad snow. I took the day off today so I wasn't up till like 8am. That felt nice. I fell asleep last nite about 10pm so I really got a good sleep.

Well this morning I had my 6 month appointment with my gum doctor. I had to brave the icy roads. I go and the doc checks to make sure my gums are not puffy and stuff. They will also clean my teeth.

The people at his office are soo awesome. They are very positive. That is one reason why I love going there. They know my name and who I am the minute that I walk in the door. It is a different attitude then any other dentist type place that I have been too. I wish I could make it my regular dentist. I would have all my family and friends go there.


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