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Monday, December 27, 2004

No Parking from 2am to 5am

This afternoon when i went to my car I found that I had received a Christmas present from the City of Lansing Police. I had a seven dollar ticket for parking on the street from 2am to 5am.

We only have a one lane drive way so I will frequently have one car that will be on the street. I knew that the city of Lansing had an ordinance saying your not supposed to park on the street from 2am to 5am but I never followed it. It was just inconvenient. It was funny because today I was talking with my family, before I knew about the ticket, about how people are trying to get the no-parking rule repealed.

I understand that they want the ordinance because it helps control how many people live in a house and also helps the guys who are clearing snow off the streets.

But for our family when we have lots of people and lots of cars, man not being able to park on the street sucks. I can't take just any car to work because I have a special parking sticker.

I hope they repeal the ordinance.


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