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Thursday, December 16, 2004

oh sweet stress

Well this last week MSU has been quieting down for me a little bit not as much stress. We haven't had as much of the time sensitive stuff as I have had before. Of course that could change come tomorrow lol. I have had lots of just silly things that I have had to do that has taken forever.

There has been other lil stresses that has popped up here and there.

The funny thing is that tonite at Intersect we talked about stress. We drew the parallel between us and Daniel. Daniel had some big stinkin stresses that he had to face with the king. The actual discussion didn't go that long. I ended up sticking around for a while just chatting with our churches youth guy and my friend jenna.

Now I'm watching the 3hr Apprentice Finale that I taped. I need to get a Tivo. This tape is soo old and so bad.

My sister is coming home this weekend. yay!


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