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Monday, December 27, 2004

The Pilgramage to Mecca (The Apple Store)

We didn't really travel at all for Christmas so I asked my parents if they wanted to go down to the mall in Novi. There is one of the only 2 Apple store's in Michigan. Plus it is closest to where I live. So we went down.

The Apple Store isn't as big as some that I have seen. It was sweet though. I fell in love with the new line of Apple Monitors. One of the setups that they had on display was the 12 inch laptop hooked up to the 20 inch wide screen monitor. This is exactly the setup that I want. Those monitors are just so expensive.

The iPod socks are pretty rediculous. If they were only 5 bucks maybe I would pop for it. They are so not worth 30 bucks though.

I am happy that I got the iPod mini. I don't have enough music to fill the 20 gig and its too big, like size. I like the way that mini feels in my hand. I played with some of the other ipods while I was there.

They didn't have ipod mini iTrip which is what I wanted. I want to be able to listen to my iPod music while i'm in the car.


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