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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

US Senator Barbara "B.S." Boxer and the Liberals Strike Against College Football

California Senator Barbara Boxer decided to send a letter to the coordinator for the Bowl Championship Series. She is relaying the complaints of her constituents about a certain university getting into the Rose Bowl. She even threatens that if the BCS isn't fixed she will work towards congressional oversight of the BCS. That is the biggest bunch of bull crap. Let's make government so big that it governs college football. That makes no sense what so ever.

The Senate Commerce Committee, on which I serve, has jurisdiction over interstate commerce and sports. The BCS system would fall under that jurisdiction. It would be very refreshing if this matter can be resolved in a way to satisfy everyone so that Congressional oversight will not be necessary.


Blogger Wes Thorp said...

Bull crap pretty much sums up the quality of her intentions. See what we missed by not having Kerry as president? She was one of his disciples. Government cannont be your mama or your daddy.

7:01 AM  

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