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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

eager anticipation

I wonder if Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, got much sleep last nite. Today at noon EST he is going to give his big keynote speech at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. At the keynote he will announce the big initiatives that Apple is going to try and do this year.

This year now that I actually have a Mac laptop and an iPod mini, I can use the things that he talks about. Yay.

Alas they have decided not to broadcast the keynote live. The keynote will be up on Apple's web site at 9pm EST tonite.

The Mac Mind web site is already stationed out in the conference hall where the keynote is going to be. The Mac Mind is going to live blog on their TMobile Sidekick =). I love technology. I will find out whats going on one way or another.


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