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Saturday, January 01, 2005

First Post of 2005

Well it's officially 2005. Wow feels kind of nuts. That's probably the beans that I had for lunch talking. ;)

I think it's interesting that the if you go to right now at 12:23am on Jan. 1, 2005 that the main story isn't about the massive party in Time Square in NY or how Dick Clark isn't there. The main story is about how the UN announced the death toll from the tsunami/earthquake is up to 150,000.

I pray that as we all start the new year we will remember that there are a whole lot of people across the pacific that have had their lives changed and uprooted in a pretty major way. They feel like they have lost all hope. We need to pray for them and look through are pocket books to see if we can make donation to the relief effort. We can make a difference.

Well, the big deal at MSU was that they were going to change over the President's web site from being McPhereson's to Lou Anna Simon. It hasn't happened yet. I wonder if someone in my dept is getting a phone call about now.


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