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Thursday, February 10, 2005

ADD and green beans

Today at work for some reason I had such a hard time concentrating. I felt like I had ADD. I don't think that I really got anything accomplished.

The new student that we have in our office is awesome. I have been working with him on some of the projects we have. He has caught on super quick to everything. I think he will be able to pick up a lot of my work load when I go back to school. He has picked up the ideas of standards compliance and web accessibility really well.

After work I had to go pick up my car. We go it all fixed up so that it won't break down in Canada on the way to NY.

Tonite at dinner it was so funny, my dog loves green beans. She would just go nuts if we would feed her green beans. She likes them frozen even better. When my mom was making dinner and snoopy saw she pulled green beans out of the freezer, snoopy followed her up stairs.


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