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Saturday, February 26, 2005

in Rochester

Well after 7 hours of driving through Eastern Michigan, Canada, and Western New York, I made it to Rochester. Canada is definitely a very strange place. Everything is engineered differently and just seems wierd. The people in canada look at me wierd. I can tell they are thinking in the back of their minds, "silly american." It's good to be back in the USA.

My ipod worked like a charm on my trip. That definitely saved me from having to listen to canadian radio. Silly canadians...

I am hanging out with my friend Jason. He is awesome. He is one of the cool kinder people at RIT that i know. He freely gives of himself with out thinking about whats in it for him.

Tomorrow I am going to New Song church which is awesome and then I'm flying to Boston...yay. I am excited about Boston.


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