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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Sometimes I just Want To Stay In The Shire

When watching Lord of the Rings do you ever just wanna tell Frodo not to find the ring. Once he finds it he ends up getting himself into a huge epic story where he is going to be exposed to a level of danger that he has never been before.

He is forced to step outside of the comforts that he is so used of the Shire. It would be just so much easier for him if he were to have not found the ring in the first place.

But I think he is better off at the end of the story. He gets his eyes opened to a world that he had no idea existed and he gets to see a glimpse of the massive role that he plays in the great epic of his life. He ends up saving the day.

I am reading the book Waking the Dead and this week the chapter the chapter is about seeing with your heart. It talks about how we need to see the world as it really is and see the role that we play in it.

Sometimes for me that is really hard. Sometimes keeping in the daze is just soo much easier. When you walk down the road with your eyes on the ground, granted you are going to walk into things but you don't have to see the dirty looks of something of the not nice people staring back at you. But by walking down the road while looking down you miss out what is really happening around you. You miss out on all of the blessings and exciting things.

I pray that God will help me to see, to see the world around me. That I may step out of my comfortable fog filled life. That I may play my vital role in the epic of my life.


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