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Saturday, February 12, 2005

three eternal truths

Today at our book study at church we are on Chapter 2 of the book Waking the Dead. One of the points of this chapter is that as human beings we desire the facts. But we need something so much more then facts, we need passion, relationships and spirit.

This is the reason why Jesus told stories. He knew that stories awoke something deeper in us then just telling us the plain old facts.

In chapter 2 we talk about a myth. A myth is not something that is fake. A myth is a "story that brings you a glimpse of the eternal." All myths contain three eternal truths. When you see a movie that just tugs at your heart, it most likely has these three eternal truths in it.

The truths are things are not what what they seem, there is a battle raging, and you play a crucial role. I was thinking about the movie Gladiator. It is by far one of my favorite movies. These three eternal truths are so apparent in the movie.

Maximus loses his great power as a general and gets sold into slavery. When he first gets the oppurtunity to become a great gladiator, he initially resists it. He doesn't want to accept what is really taking place. It takes him a while to see the part that the plays in the big story. He is going to be the leader that will battle the evil caeser.


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