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Monday, March 21, 2005

flickr gets acquired by Yahoo

There has been this amazingly awesome photo sharing service that I have been using lately called, flickr. You upload photos and you don't get an amount of space that you can use up but an amount of bandwidth you use. That means you can only upload a certain amount of photos a month. Plus you can connect yourself to your friends and see what their photos are.

When I went to Boston for the W3C Technical Plenary , I met a really cool guy named Paul. He set up a Flickr group for people that were at the plenary to post photos. Its a really easy way for me to see all the boston photos that everyone else took.

Well apparently the really cool guys that run flickr just got bought out by Yahoo. I would love to be those guys. They are probably 25 and now can retire because of some simple photo tool that they made in their garage in college while coming down from caffiene highs.

Yay for capitalism.


Anonymous shan said...

hmmm... there needs to be bisque in a can! i have seen bisque in a plastic container in the frozen section at meijers, but i dont quite trust it for some reason:-P when you get back to the mid-michigan area we'll go get some bisque. and you can win my hippie self over with your republican propaganda. sound good?:-P

5:16 PM  

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