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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

no late fees..wohoo

I have decided to give Blockbuster Online a shot.

At RIT we have a HUGE online piracy network and I'm kind of a movie junkie. I figured instead of downloading a movie, I could give the Blockbuster Online a whirl. Paying $14.95 a month for movie rentals is a whole lot better then paying $50,000 to the Motion Picture Association of American for getting suided for downloading movies.

It actually looks like a really good deal. It is a little bit cheaper than NetFlix. You also get the two free in-store movie rental coupons. It says that I should have my first set of shipped movies by Friday.

I am HORRIBLE with late fees so the no late fees thing should be cool.

However it goes I will be blogging along the way. Wohoo blogging.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Justin, you misspelled "woohoo". You need to install the spellcheck feature in your blogger.


6:49 PM  

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