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Monday, March 21, 2005

web accessibility - making a difference

One of my best friends here at RIT, Derek, has a visual disorder called Retinoschisis. Its a disease of the retina, where the layers of nerve tissues at the back of the eye start come a part. He has permanent 20/40 vision. It's something that glasses can't correct.

We were sitting and chatting at the on campus coffee place. He wanted to check out something for a class on my computer but he had a hard time seeing the text. So I increased the size of the text on the browser. It made all the difference for him. It's cool and very rewarding to see that the work that I do with web accessibility actually makes a difference.

He said that he has a problem with contrast on web sites, when people put crazy backgrounds behind text. Small font sizes in text books are also an issue for him. A lot of problems that people with visual disabilties have with print documents could be fixed if those documents were up online in an electronic format.

Another thing...him and i were playing some video games on my xbox. I only have a 13 inch televisioin in my apartment and he had a hard time seeing the prompts on the screen. There should be a way to fix that, enlarging the text.


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