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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

what is the world wide web? - part 1

Something that I have had on my mind all day is, what is the World Wide Web?

I have run into soo many different people with so many different opinions on this topic. It's interesting. This will probably be a series of posts and not just one post.

What is the web not?

The web is not just for those who speak English.

When I was at the W3C Technical Plenary in Boston during the first week of May, Richard Ishida, the head of the W3C Internationalization, talked about some of the problems with XML, the basis for the way data is marked up, and what needs to be done to reach more langauges.

Apparently there are some issues with the web and certain tribal san-script languages. It's so cool; the idea that something that I write could be translated into some rare african or eastern language.

Here is an example of some languages that W3C Documents have been translated into. (many many languages.)


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