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Thursday, March 10, 2005

why couldn't it just be warm out

These last few days have really been fun. There are so many people that I have seen recently that I hadn't seen in such a long time. Tonite I went out with some of my friends from my floor freshmen year. We had such a fun time catching up.

I finally got my schedule figured out. I was really unhappy with this one political science class. I won't name the professor's name because my luck is he would google himself and read my blog about how boring i thought his class was. But I got into this even better Constitutional Law class. The professor is australlian and he is awesome. I had to get him to sign a form to get into the class because the class was already full. He won a bunch of RIT awards for teaching.

This should be a fun quarter. I got to go my first college republican meeting in long time. It was cool to see how much things have advanced since i left. Jason, the new chair, has done a really great job with it. I wish I could convince him to run for state chair of the college republican party.

Why couldn't it just be warm out? On monday it got up into the 50s and I was able to sit out i the quad and read a newspaper. Now it is like blizzard conditions out. Driving home tonite I could hardly see. I think said the windchill was -10...wohoo.


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