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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Apple support phone number

A little screw popped out of the bottom left corner of the monitor portion of my 12 inch Apple Powerbook G4. I have the Apple Care Extended Protection plan thing.

So I need to call the Apple Care Tech Support people to see how I get this screw replaced. I don't have my warranty sheet handy. I look on the Apple web site for the phone number. It took me ten minutes of looking before I actually found a page with the number on it. That is ridiculous.

It's ironic that in my Interface design class we are covering the user-centered design process' task analysis. You would think that in a task analysis that Apple would have figured out that finding a technical support phone number would be near the top of the list of important tasks.


Blogger Shaun J. Farrell said...

That's funny...I know that some site are really bad and some don't even list phone numbers. However, I found it in 1 minute -->

10:23 PM  

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