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Monday, April 25, 2005

Dave Matthews Band Sees the Light and Joins iTunes...finally

Dave Matthews Band is by far one of my favorite bands to listen to, especially to see in concert. They have a certain amount of natural, untampered with energy that you don't see in most bands.

Dave Matthews Band (DMB) recently announced that they are going to start selling their music on Apple iTunes. YAY! This is awesome news. Up until now they had been selling music on their web site and on Napster. Napster was a bust when it came to selling music online and the idea of buying and downloading music off their web site looked daunting.

By using iTunes, DMB's music will be able to have their music make its way into the iPod's of the masses (and my iPod) much faster. The only song DMB has on iTunes right now is their latest single American Baby. Hopefully they will start to put live shows on iTunes. That would be awesome.


Anonymous Your business partner said...

I got a free itunes today from Pepsi and got DMB American Baby. Nice sound. I like it.

7:14 PM  

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