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Thursday, April 14, 2005

i survived midterms

Well midterms I are officially all done. Praise the Lord.

These last few days have been a lil slower academically for me, which is great. Last week was intense. I had like 6 exams/projects all due at the same time. It was pretty nuts.

For my constitutional law class we had a series of essays that we had to do. My total length of the final deliverable was about 3000 words or 6 pages single spaced. I got a 92% of my Server-side Programming Midterm and a 88% on my Intro to Database midterm. I am waiting to get the rest back. For my design class we had a multi-paged group document that we were working on. For my server-side programming class we also had a programming project. There were a few more things that I am probably forgetting. That was just my last week. :-)

Thank you to all who prayed for me last week and those that continue to pray for me. Prayer is such an amazing help. Now I am just preparing myself for the uphill push for the last 5 weeks of the quarter.


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