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Monday, April 18, 2005

less news on Iraq

Has anyone else noticed that you don't hear as much on the news about what is happening in Iraq? All that I have heard on the news lately is about Martha Stewart and the Pope.

Could it be that now that the Iraqi government is becoming a little more established and that the things are settling back to normal, there is no more real sexy topic for the reporters to cover?

In my Constitutional Law class we talk about how freedom, equality, and self-government are part of who you are as rational beings. It seems like the Iraqi people are making the choice of freedom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last 7 Days...

April 18 - 1 US Death
April 17 - 3 US Death
April 16 - 4 US Death
April 15 - 1 US Death
April 14 - 1 US Death
April 13 - 1 US Death
April 12 - 3 US Death

Guess they Don't count. Plus a new hostage. Plus how many Iraqis rallied to give us the boot?

4:51 PM  

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