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Friday, April 01, 2005

Lincoln Conf: Opening

RIT Prez Al Simone opened up talking about how Lincoln, American Political Thought, and how it ties into who we are at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Lincoln's lessons were on equality or diversity and on ethics. These are lessons that are applied to the way things that are done at RIT.

Fornieri then took the stage and asked the question what the relevance of Lincoln's statesmanship was to RIT, a technical institute.

Lincoln embodied inovation and advancement. Lincoln is the only President to patent an invention. Lincoln used a lot of the photographic technology of that time to transform his rustic image. One of Lincoln's photo at Cooper union helped to win him his campaign. Lincoln believed that education was essential to the idea of self-government. Lincoln's ideas permeate our institution of technology.

Lincoln is the central figure that saved our democracy, when it was on trial at the Civil War. He reached back to the Declaration of Independence to better understand the principles of why this country was founded.

This conference will help students to better understand the statesmanship and political thought of Abraham Lincoln.


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