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Friday, April 15, 2005

Quoted in Daniel Pipes Article

I got quoted in a Rochester Democrat & Chronicle story about Dr. Daniel Pipes coming to give a lecture at RIT.

Dr. Daniel Pipes is a middle east expert. He is founder of the Middle East Forum.

I want to write an actual commentary about what Daniel Pipes had to say and what I thought but I am not awake enough to compose anything good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great how Pipes can pull a number out of his backside like 15 percent of all Muslims are bent on destroying America. And as for totalitiarianism, Americans are already taking the country to that point, without ANY sort of help from that ephemeral 15 percent of Muslims thank you very much.

Sure he kind of predicted 9-11, but anyone could have seeing what has been happening with the US meddling the middle east for the past 50 years. Pipes totally misses the boat, but of course his agenda does not focus on what's good for America, but what's good for another country...

9:55 PM  

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