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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

song of the week

I had 6 hrs of classes today. I also spent a good amount of time in the lab working on a database lab write up that is due tomorrow. Several times I listened to the song Mediction by Derek Webb on my iPod.

There are some songs that are truly amazing if you just take time to listen to the lyrics. All too often the music i have on is just background noise and I am not paying attention to what is being sung.

Derek Webb sings about how often we will look to worldly temporary things to find our freedom and comfort in the world. The only place that we can find our freedom is in Jesus. A life keeping your eyes on Jesus isn't always easy but it will give you the true happiness. Here are some of the lyrics:
but i don’t want medication
just give me liberation
even if it cuts my legs right out from underneath
don’t give me medication
i want the real sensation
even when living feels just like death to me

don't paint my face
i need to see the scars
so i don't forget
the back of my tutor's arm

'cause i just can't keep it straight
which kills and which one saves


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