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Thursday, April 28, 2005

the state of the morning news

Recently television networks have been taken a closer look at the their morning and primtime news programs. In USA Today's life section they have a story about NBC's the Today Show. They have been winning the ratings game for a long time now but have been slowly slipping to Good Morning America. I was really surpised by what Katie Couric said:

What Today needs is to "get back to its hard-news roots. I think we were slipping into a tabloid mode," Couric says. "The fellow who shot a nail through his head and didn't know it? There's a place for stories like that, because they're kind of 'wow.' But we had too much of that and not enough substance.

When has television news ever been actual news? When I want to get real news, I don't fiip on the Katie and Matt in the morning. I am going to go to the internet to get news (,, Drudge Report). Katie says that she wants to get back to the hard news. I would say that the morning and evening network news shows have always been tabloids.

I just think that they don't get it. People are moving away from TV news to the internet. People get their information differnetly then how they used to.


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