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Monday, May 23, 2005

Did Senator Harry Reid Skip High School Government Class?

I was flipping through the TV channels after dinner and I stopped at C-SPAN. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada was giving a press conference on the Democrat's response to the Republican's wanting to change the number of votes required for a cloture motion to stop a filibuster.

This last quarter at RIT I took Constitutional Law. What Harry Reid was saying didn't make a lot of sense.

Statement -
"During this vote, every Senator will have an opportunity to stand up for the Constitution..."

Did the filibuster magically appear in the Constitution somewhere? If the framers really supported the filibuster wouldn't they have slipped it in there some where? The filibuster wasn't adopted till 1806.
"Today, Senate Democrats represent the last check on President Bush’s power."
What of the president's powers aren't checked by Congress? The president can't go to the bathroom with out getting congressional approval or getting a line-item added to the federal budget.
"Republicans want to eliminate this check and give President Bush power no president has ever had -- the ability to hand out lifetime federal judgeships without consensus from the other party."
The Senate has the power of "advice and consent." If the American people didn't want the President's judicial nominees than wouldn't there be a Democrat controlled senate? If the Democrats don't want the nominees to pass shouldn't they try to get a few Republican Senators to jump the fence and side with them? Isn't that what debate and deliberation are all about?

It seems like anyone with a 12th grade reading level and a copy of the US Constitution could understand these things. The move by Republicans to change senate rules is totally political but the Democrat's arguments I think are just completely stupid.


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