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Thursday, May 12, 2005

people who are late

One thing that really bugs me is when people are late to things.

I have a group project that I am in where two of the members are always late. I can't understand people that are like that. If I walk into something late, I always feel bad and apologize. These guys just don't care. They work hard once they get there but they never get their on time. Good thing I have a really cool professor in that class. We have talked to him and he is going to take that into consideration when he grades.

Who would hire someone like that, who is late all the time? I know that I wouldn't. If your going to say your going to be somewhere at a certain time, do that or call me and say hey i can't make it. Otherwise its just rude.


Blogger Shaun J. Farrell said...

Damn right...It takes place in the work place too! it blows ass i hate it too i am never late to anything

7:39 AM  

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