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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Summer Plans

Im sitting in Java Wallys, the on-campus coffee bar, waiting for Alex to get out of her art critique. I thought I would write about some of the plans that I have for the summer.

  • I will be working at Michigan State University - Academic Computing & Network Services. The last almost year that I have been there has really been an awesome experience. I have gotten to know a lot of great people. With the hard work of my colleagues, I have been able to make great strides with getting W3C Web standards adopted as more of a common practice.

  • I will be continuing to work on the advancement of my company and joint business venture with my dad, LLC. Things have really started to pick up since Lansing State Journal article. People are starting to see blogging as a communications solution for a business or an organization.

  • I want to do more reading. I haven't yet finished the book, Men In Black - How the Supreme Court is Destroying America. I also want to tackle reading the federalists papers. My constitutional law class, with Dr. Sean Sutton, has really challenged me to better understand the constitution and the origins of our republican government.

  • I want to pick up writing for my web development blog again this summer, Think Before You Type.

  • I wanna get a lot more into cascading style sheets and learn how the different browsers interact with them. XML, XSLT, and Web Services all really fascinate me. They are things I wanna learn about.


Blogger Shaun J. Farrell said...

Dude sounds like a good summer...I can't wait to do some of the readings about CSS and w3c. Maybe I'll post some comments. Im going to be starting a part time web buisness too!

Have a good summer and hopefully we can stay in touch!

3:47 PM  

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