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Saturday, May 21, 2005

the trek home

I am just getting everything together so that I can start putting stuff in my car. In a few hours I'll be on the road heading towards Michigan.

Last night i hung out with Alex for a while. I had fun. Her little brother Stuart and her ganged up and tried tickling me. I won the tickle fight because i am bigger than both of them combined. :-) I am going to miss Alex a lot. I have a feeling these 3 months will go by quickly though.

I also hung out with my buddy Derek yesterday and his lady friend Jordan. We celebrated the end of the quarter by going to see Star Wars Episode 3. Other than the horribly written dialouge, I thought it was a solid movie. Derek is a great friend of mine. I am going to be living in an on-campus townhouse with him next year.

I got 3 of my grades for my classes in, all A's. I just need to see the A in Interface Design and it will be a 4.0, woohoo.

Well I better start packing the car.


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