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Monday, June 13, 2005

Birthday Weekend - Part 1; Lansing, MI

Friday - June 10, 2005

So Friday was my birthday, I had to work. Work was fun. I had my W3C WAI EOWG conference call first thing in the morning. We are talking more about the redesign of the WAI web site. It should be launching in the near future. I'm excited. Later, the guys at work bought me lunch which was fun. We we went to Crunchies which is our favorite, whole in the wall bar/restaurant in East Lansing.

I came home after a full day of work. My parents and I went out to a nice restaurant for dinner. I wanted to go somewhere that wouldn't have the loud and obnoxious wait staff serenade me with happy b-day. Some places I hear even put a hat on you and make you stand on something. We found a nice quiet restaurant. For my alcoholic drink of choice, I went with a nice glass of wine, a Riesling.

We all came home. I opened presents. I got the book 1776 by David McCullogh, some nice dress shirts, and then my mom and I were going to look for suits or suit coats.

Then Andy, Nate, and Tara came over for beer and cake with my family. It was fun. They brought over Corona and Guinness. Both of them are very quality beers.

Andy, Nate, Tara, Danny, Jeff and I then went to go see a late showing of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They all REALLY loved it. I thought it was fun but wasn't great. It wasn't worth the 8/10 that our local paper gave it.


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Drink Oberon and support the brewery of kalamazoo.

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