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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Movie: Batman Begins

As my friends can tell ya, it takes a lot for me to stay into a movie. I will usually start to get really tired and start to doze off.

The movie Batman Begins kept me into it everystep of the way. Christopher Nolan directed this series prequel. Nolan brings a stroke of excellence to what most would consider to be a struggling series. Recently, the last two Batman movies had received bismal reviews and disappointing outcomes at the box office.

This wasn't just some action movie but it had a considerable amount of depth to it. It takes a look at how Batman came about, how Batman's struggles and his fears brought him to where he is and who he became.

Christian Bale I think is the best Batman yet. He really masters the character.

I hope that Paramount Pictures keeps the Christopher Nolan & Christian Bale team together for a Batman sequel. I would be excited to see what they can do.

Rating - 9/10


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