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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Two Must Have CD's

Recently two cds have come out that have absolutely knocked my socks off.

One day I was flipping through Apple iTunes, I must have been a little bored or something, I found Shawn McDonald. He has a very fun acoustic raw kind of sound. He is a very talented guitarist. His lyrics are pretty intense. It sounds like he had a pretty intense up bringing. Shawn McDonald's Live in Seattle album is a must buy.

Coldplay is a band that I had listened to previously but had never really appreciated them. They recently came out with their new album X and Y. It has taken the world by storm. Some are saying that they are the next U2 and I would tend to agree with them. The album has had great internet sales. I was listening to it at work today and had it on loop. I bet I went 3 or 4 hours just listening to that album. Go buy it.


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